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Function Callee Naming

One type of information that can improve the quality of function names generated by Sidekick is symbol names for callees in the function. In order to maximize the quality of this type of information, Sidekick employs a process for generating names for unnamed function callees that recursively examines all unnamed callees for the current function. All unnamed callees at the deepest layer of the call tree for the current function are named first before moving on to those at the next layer up in the call tree. The naming process continues until the all unnamed callees are named (or until the limit is reached for a single operation).

Users can perform this operation by selecting Name Callee Functions from the Plugins->Sidekick menu. This operation may take a while depending on the number of unnamed callees in the call tree of the current function. While the operation is in progress, status is displayed in the status bar on the lower left corner. The operation can be canceled by clicking on the X on the status bar. Any functions named applied prior to canceling are kept. This also allows a user to apply names in batches if the user wants.