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Investigations is a feature that allows the user to generate, view, and edit findings from investigating the content of the current function based on a pre-defined topic of interest.

Users may launch automated investigations from a set of available pre-defined topics. Findings from these investigations are recorded. Users may manually record their own findings or edit existing findings.

Add an Investigation

To launch an investigation and add its findings, click on the Add an Investigation button and select an investigation from the set of available pre-defined topics.

Switching Viewing/Editing Mode

Investigation findings can be viewed or edited by switching between the Viewing and Editing mode. To switch from Viewing to Editing, click on the Viewing status label. To switch from Editing to Viewing, click on the Editing status label.

Editing Investigation

Investigation findings are formatted in markdown and can be edited. To edit findings, switch to Editing mode and apply edits.


Edits are applied and saved immediately.